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and take your life back from autoimmune disease.
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Powerful Coaching

You can live the life you truly want, even with autoimmune disease.
  • You don’t know how you are going to feel day to day.

  • You struggle with fatigue and more sleep doesn’t help.

  • You have pain that wears you out physically and mentally.

  • You have brain fog that prevents you from feeling like yourself.

  • Daily tasks seem like a struggle to get done.

  • You feel disconnected from others because people don’t understand what you are going through.

  • You don’t want to keep taking the medications that are prescribed to you.

  • The stress you face is overwhelming and makes you want to hide under the blankets.

  • You don’t know how you can “keep up” with life.

Let’s face it, living with an autoimmune disease is tough.

I understand. I have been there.

It took me 3 years of lifestyle changes to understand how to take care of my mind and body with autoimmune disease. I learned how to eat correctly for my body, what supplements to take, how to correctly manage my mind, and how to drastically decrease my stress.

The most important thing I learned?

How to make these lifestyle changes work for my life

long term.

That is the key!


Is Autoimmune Coaching right for you?

My autoimmune coaching program is right for you if you have an autoimmune disease and you want to learn how to manage it by supporting the health of your mind and immune system.

This program takes work. It requires dedication to yourself as you implement new tools and strategies to improve your health and life every week.

Here is how to know if you are a great fit for this program:

  • You want a step by step plan for decreasing your inflammation.

  • You want a reliable process for overcoming obstacles along the way.

  • You want tools and strategies for consistent healing the rest of your life.

  • You want confidence in knowing your actions will lead to your desired results.

  • You want support and guidance from a Life Coach and Registered Nurse, as well as a doctor in Acupuncture/Chinese Medicine.

What you get when you join the

Heal Your Life

Autoimmune Coaching Program:

Heal Your Life

My program is designed to help you holistically. It is designed to improve every aspect of autoimmunity so you can feel confident that you are treating the root of the problem as you heal and maintain your healing.

Every part of your life affects your autoimmune disease and your autoimmune disease affects every part of your life.

You will receive a free one hour zoom call if you are interested in coaching with me. You will get to tell me your autoimmune story and learn everything about my program, ask any questions you have, discuss payment, and make a decision on whether coaching is right for you.

The Consultation

You will receive one on one coaching sessions with me every week, using zoom. We will discuss where you are at in your healing process and next steps. We will design your ideal future, unburdened by autoimmune disease, with success in every area of your life. We will analyze what is currently holding you back and what steps you need to take to make this future a reality. We will set weekly goals and set you up for success in achieving them.

The Coaching Sessions

You will receive a detailed workbook with everything you need for healing with autoimmune disease. This will prepare you for your weekly coaching sessions as well as guide you step by step to decreasing inflammation and achieving healing. You will receive the most up to date information on lifestyle changes including the AIP diet, stress, mindset, exercise, sleep, and supplements with questions and exercises to help you immediately apply what you learn to your life. This workbook is worth its weight in gold. You will not find an autoimmune workbook like this anywhere else!

The Autoimmune Workbook

You have the option to receive a free one hour supplement consultation with Dr. Jes Dwyer, LaC. Dr. Jes is an expert with autoimmunity and has her doctorate in acupuncture and Chinese medicine. She will assess all your health symptoms and recommend a regimen of supplements for you as an individual. She is also available for any follow up calls you may need during your autoimmune journey.

The Supplement Consultation

What would your life be like without wondering how you are going to feel day to day?

What would you be able to do if you didn’t experience pain/brain fog/fatigue on a daily basis?

How would the control and confidence you develop in coaching affect other areas of your life?

How would managing your autoimmune disease help you as a woman/wife/mother?

Ready to get  started?

I am currently accepting new clients.

Client Testimonial

Ulcerative Colitis
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Before coaching, I was having so much difficulty with my UC that my doctor wanted me to have my colon removed.
I didn’t think I could do the AIP diet because I love bread and I am not patient with myself. But, I was able to stay strong on the diet for over 6 weeks! The diet plus probiotics allowed me to go from several BM’s a day to just one! I also started a business on Instagram that I always wanted to do after learning to analyze my mind and get clarity.
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