Expectations and Your Autoimmune Disease

What did you think of the first time you heard the name of your autoimmune disease?

What kind of imagery did you experience in your mind?

It was probably the worst case scenario. Someone bedridden, sick, in pain, unable to function.

It is completely normal to first imagine a worst case scenario when you are diagnosed. The primitive part of our minds does this to keep us safe. Generally, if we prepare for the worst, we have a higher rate of survival.

But, has this worst case scenario remained with you?

Or have your expectations of your future health changed?

In life, expectation is everything. It determines our focus and many times, the outcome!

Let me give you an example:

Kylie was diagnosed with MS (multiple sclerosis). She was devastated when she did a quick google search and found examples of people unable to walk. She decided that this disease was going to also leave her unable to walk. She told friends and family of this expectation and let it consume her thoughts daily. She looked for ways her body was worsening and referred to her symptoms as her disease “running it’s course.”

Here is another example:

Ashley was also diagnosed with MS. She was devastated when she did a quick google search and found examples of people unable to walk. She also googled success stories of people with MS and found several results. Many of these active, healthy people referred to a diet, known as the Wahl’s Protocol, created specifically for people with MS. She learned about this diet, took care of her body, and looked for ways her body was improving.

Who do you think will have the better outcome? Kylie or Ashley?

The first session in my coaching program is a powerful one.

This is the time when the client is given the opportunity to create their ideal future. It could be 1 year from now or 10 years from now. As a coach, I create a space for the client to raise their expectations of their future without fear of failing.

It’s challenging.

After that, comes the easy part.

We do the work to make that ideal future happen.

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