How To Listen To Your Body

When we know what we are listening for, the message can be understood sooner than later.

A baby whimpers before it cries…

A dog growls before it barks…

A tea kettle whistles before it screeches …

Your boss speaks before they shout?? (Maybe?) (Bad example?) :)

The point is, communication is EVERYWHERE and we learn how to communicate through PRACTICE. If a message goes unnoticed at first, it’s forced to come across even stronger.

And guess what? Our bodies are no different!

They communicate with us every day. The only problem is that we are so used to paying attention to everything around us instead of what is going on inside of us. We are constantly giving our attention to our phones, TV, and every other type of distraction we can find. While we do this, our bodies are trying to talk to us but we simply don’t pay attention. Eventually, our bodies get the message across through pain or illness.

If you are able to listen to your body, you will FEEL BETTER. It’s that simple and it’s that important.

Here are 3 major ways you can practice listening to your body today:

1) Take TIME to pay attention: Check in often with your body and pay attention to how you feel. One way to do this is to stop watching TV while you eat. Are you full before you finish your plate? How do you feel after eating?

Another way is to meditate. Simply sit down and give yourself space to think and feel. Our minds need time to process our thoughts and feelings. If we don’t give it time, these emotions can show themselves without warning such as an emotional outburst or muscle tension/pain.

2) Question when you complain about how you feel

Do you catch yourself saying this? “Oh I feel so full.” Or “I feel so bloated now.” Or “I am so tired.” Chances are, you say at least one of these complaints EVERY day. When it comes to eating and sleeping, avoiding the structure we create and choosing to listen to what our body wants pays off. Your body may want to eat a large breakfast and small dinner when you normally do the opposite. Your body may want to go to bed hours earlier than you normally do.

3) Just drink more water…

Like right now! I’m serious. As you are reading this, stop for a second. Is your mouth dry? Do you have a headache? If so, go grab a glass of water before you finish reading this blog. Your body will thank you for that!

Our bodies are always asking for more water and this is the MOST ignored message from our bodies. Sipping water all day long will help your body take care of itself and it will thank you for that!

Water helps pretty much EVERY single thing our body does. Some biggies include digesting food, delivering oxygen, and cushioning your joints and brain.

Communicating and especially listening takes practice! Give your body the freedom to communicate and learn how to better take care of yourself. Then enjoy feeling better, you won’t regret it.

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