Stories of Recovery

Did you google your autoimmune disease around the time you were diagnosed?

Chances are, google scared the (poop) out of you!

I’m sure you found pictures of people that were severely disabled, on their death bed, along with stories of the “inevitable demise” of all people diagnosed with your autoimmune disease.

Do you know why they posted that?

Because the negative, scary stories get A LOT of attention. Proof? Watch the news!

When you find these stories while you are in a vulnerable, confused state, you immediately determine that these stories will be your future and that leaves you feeling HOPELESS and DEFEATED.

These stories are NOT your story.

Your story can have similar circumstances like the presence of an autoimmune disease but YOU determine what the rest of your life looks like.

You determine what results you want to have. Then, you learn what actions you need to take to get those results.

There are plenty of success stories about autoimmune disease online. People who have made lifestyle changes and live happy, healthy, normal looking lives.

If you want to find the inspiration as you develop your positive outlook, check out these 5 stories of recovery with links to many more.

They are real.

They are powerful.

But, they don’t get news-worthy attention ;)

Recovery with Multiple Sclerosis,ability%20to%20communicate%20with%20muscles.

Recovery with Hashimoto’s

Recovery with Psoriatic Arthritis and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Recovery with Type 1 Diabetes and Eczema

Recovery from Lupus and Polymyalgia Rheumatica

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