The Autoimmune Population is a Historically Invalidated Population.

· “The pain is all in your head.”

· “You LOOK fine.”

· “You can’t be THAT tired all of the time.”

· “Your labs came back normal. There is nothing to do at this point.”

These are frustrating responses to the devastating symptoms you can experience with autoimmune disease.

But they aren’t just frustrating, they are invalidating.

The autoimmune population is a historically invalidated population.

According to the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association (AARDA),

46% of autoimmune patients were told they were complainers or too obsessed with their health, instead of being offered the medical testing and treatment they needed.

As the patient, you are taught by others that your complaints are not valid unless they can be proven.

You can prove a rash or a broken bone.

But, you know very well it’s hard to prove symptoms like pain and fatigue.

And worse?

After being invalidated by others, it’s easier to invalidate yourself.

Have you ever called yourself “lazy” while experiencing fatigue? (There you go.)

I hope you can find a doctor that will evaluate your symptoms if you are looking for a diagnosis.

I hope your family is understanding with your unseen limitations.

These are nice circumstances to have but they are not crucial.

What IS crucial?

· Not giving up on yourself.

· Listening to what your body is telling you, not what others say.

· Seeking information about your symptoms and your diagnosis.

· Looking to different areas of help.

Taking care of yourself is crucial.

But, you don’t have to do it alone.

Email me for your free consultation and let’s see if coaching will help you with your autoimmune disease and your life.

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