The Cause Of Your Autoimmune Disease

I teach my clients how to not be victims in their lives, but if you have autoimmune disease, you are the victim of a freak accident.

Your autoimmune disease didn’t just pick you.

It developed over time with multiple factors that occurred.

The first step to healing with autoimmune disease is understanding where it came from.

Today, I’m going to help you with that!

There are 3 factors that caused your autoimmune disease.

You may have a lot of one factor, and a small amount of another factor.

But, the combination of factors is what led to the development of your disease.

1. Genetics: This accounts for 1/3 of your susceptibility to autoimmune disease. Mutations (these are common) of one or several inherited specific genes collectively increases your vulnerability to autoimmune disease. These, by themselves, don’t guarantee disease, but they must interact with your environment before disease develops. That’s why autoimmune disease runs in families, but some family members may have the genes and no disease.

2. Environmental Triggers: These impact the immune system in a variety of ways. Some decrease your immune system’s ability to regulate itself. Others teach your immune system to attack foreign cells that look very similar to your body’s cells, causing confusion or “friendly fire.” These environmental triggers include: vitamin or nutrient deficiencies, past infections, persistent infections, exposure to toxins/pollutants/chemicals/drugs, and imbalances of hormones.

3. Diet and Lifestyle: What you eat contributes to nutrient deficiencies, leaky gut or an imbalance of gut bacteria (gut dysbiosis). Diet and stress, sleep, physical activity, and medications all contribute to inflammation and immune system activation as well.

You can’t control your genetics or environmental triggers, but you CAN control your diet and lifestyle factors.

Changing your diet and lifestyle is crucial to achieving healing while having an autoimmune disease.

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