The Mind-Body Connection

I know it might not seem like it most days but... your mind and body ARE connected!

A good doctor will tell an autoimmune patient to stay healthy by eating right, exercising regularly, and avoiding stress.

To be more specific, eating more veggies and less sugar, 30 minutes of exercise every day, and…. well not many instructions on how to avoid stress. Uh oh!

Sure, you can “treat” stress temporarily by participating in self-care activities like a warm bath or massage.

But AVOIDING stress? It’s impossible!

Instead let’s focus on what your mind does with stress.

Your mind likes to hold onto stress. It communicates stress through our nervous system which also handles communication of memories, physical pain, and emotional pain.

The way that we think and feel affects what happens in the body.

For example, when we feel embarrassed, our face may turn red. When we think of lemons, our mouth will begin to water.

A hyperstimulated nervous system will subsequently lead to stimulation of physical pain.

It’s not a new concept, in fact, Hippocrates talked about this mind-body connection.

But, it there is a new focus on the study of it. It’s called psychoneuroimmunology.

If our brains tell our body to hurt, we must get our brains to tell our body not to hurt.

Here’s how:

-Simply dedicate 1-2 times a day to address your mind and body.

-Sit or lie down. Take deep breathes (using your diaphragm, allowing your stomach to rise).

-Picture what you need to tell your body with one word-for example peace, ease, self compassion…

Inhale and picture this need entering your mind, exhale and picture it dispersing through out your body.

It takes some time, patience, and practice but your mind will get the hang of it, and your body will thank you!

Have you ever had a flare up or pain in response to stress?

Let me know in the comments!

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